Plumber in Pisa

Urgent first intervention 24 hours 24 daily and efficiently for all types of assistance throughout the province of Pisa:
Pontedera, San Miniato, Bientina, Buti, Calci, Calcinaia, Capannoli, Casale Marittimo, Casciana Terme Lari, Cascina, Castelfranco di Sotto, Castellina Marittima, Castelnuovo di Val di Cecina, Chianni, Crespina Lorenzana, Fauglia, Guardistallo, Lajatico, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Montescudaio, Monteverdi Marittimo, Montopoli in Val d’Arno, Orciano Pisano, Palaia, Peccioli, PISA, Pomarance, Ponsacco, Pontedera, Riparbella, San Giuliano Terme, San Miniato, Santa Croce sull’Arno, Santa Luce, Santa Maria a Monte, Terricciola, Vecchiano, Vicopisano, Volterra.

emergency plumber

For urgent repair the plant hydraulic Pisa SOS plumber Service is for you with its fast service of technical professionals ready to intervene.

If you are looking for an urgent plumber available immediatly In Pisa and the province calls the Direct number 331 4314510 and we will find the solution to your  EMERGENCY PLUMBER.

We service and repair timely  for urgent and unexpected in the context of ‘hydraulic and more:

we offer  service and repair timely for urgent and unexpected in the context of ‘hydraulic and more:

EMERGENCY WATER LOSS in bathrooms, washrooms and kitchens that can be caused by a break: the waters of the basin discharge pipe, shower, bathtub, bidet and WC; the mains water supply; the domestic hot water pipe; the pipes of the heating system; from plant piping radiant heating panels;

REPLACEMENT of PIPES ROUTES which are no longer able to provide an efficient service with the new PIPES engineered for water systems, made of polyethylene for external, PVC for discharges, copper for the heating system;

Plumber Pisa

Plumber Pisa REPAIR of ‘autoclave whose problems are almost always generated by impurities in the water coming from the network, and are particularly detrimental to the pressure switch;

CHANGE of-BREAK VALVES for sewers or BALL for water and gas;

REPLACING the water pump with a serviceable one with which rise and they draw liquids without any problem;

REPLACING bathroom fixtures with new ones that can meet your needs;

MAINTENANCE TRAP essential to prevent the bad smell coming from the drain pipe comes through the water in the home;

REPLACING TAPS always guarantee a high degree of safety and efficiency; timely repair of problems like LOSS toilet or BLOCKED toilets;

REPLACEMENT of WATER HEATER with a more functional that it is a wood, coal, gas or electric, which is able to heat the water of the bath without any problem;

REPAIR RADIATOR due to a LOSS or other problems;

REPLACEMENT of a FLEXIBLE SEAL BROKEN or a poorly functioning that is no longer able to confer the malleability and ductility of which require; repair of BLOCKED DRAIN enabling you quickly forget about the obturation and to continue to carry out your occupation in peace; repair PAN DRAIN toilet GEBERIT / VALSIR;

IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION because of a FLOOD of known cause or not, who will suddenly stopped and repaired;

INSTALLATION dell ‘water softener which reduces the formation of annoying limestone;


WASHING HEATING SYSTEM MAINTENANCE accurate and to prevent any fault and problem;

CHANGING THE TUB with a new, more convenient, more attentive to your needs;

FIRST AID for an SOS BOILER  due to an undefined fault;

Immediate unblocking of ‘unpleasant clogged the WASHING MACHINE DRAIN, the dishwasher or other appliance clogged;

Change tub with a handy box shower, elegant in form and easy to use and maintenance of the windows and seals;

REPLACEMENT of old TILES with the best, new, stylish tile of your choice that most fit the area of your home;

bathroom renovation

ASSEMBLY accurate and professional of bathroom supplies

Hm Service can also give you an estimate free plumbing for the renovation or rebuilding  from scratch the bathroom, providing and coordinating some of the best professionals in the plumbing industry and not only! Who will provide all figures you need, they are ready to answer all your questions: the bricklayer for the demolition of the old and the reconstruction of the new; the tiler, plumber and electrician to return the finished work in a workmanlike and ready for use.

Just call the number 331 4314510 a hydraulic Hm Service will be ready to join you and to take the field at any time, 24 of 24, even on holidays.

Do you  believe in ‘Renewable energy derived from natural sources like the sun, wind, rain, tides and geothermal heat? We offer service for repair and / or SOLAR installation that accumulate solar energy and turn it into useful energy and heat to the activities of man: that is, allowing to heat domestic water for everyday use without using gas or electricity .

You need a maintenance , repair, service or installation of HEATING as boilers, stoves, chimneys, water heaters, heated towel rail, radiators, heat pumps, air conditioners? Hm Service is ready to give its professionalism to:


GAS BOILERS that are increasingly efficient and safe are the main component of the heating systems in most of the buildings;

PELLET STOVES which installation is easy even off center to the chimney, due to the relief of the forced smoke and small;

BOILERS PELLET, which is a fuel from the many advantages:

It is cheap than conventional fuels, is environmentally friendly because it is made from sawdust combustion of which is in equilibrium with the environment and is practical because it allows you to program the heating to suit you.

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